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The story of PerioWell:


"Most of my therapeutical cremes and remedies have come about as the result of pressing circumstances in my immediate social circle. A typical case is PerioWell Toothpaste and Mouthwash,  two herbal oral  products which compliment each other, designed to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. 


It must have been 18 years ago when my neighbor, who has phobia of surgery, became depressed in anticipation of a scheduled dental surgery. I was then on a mission to help her ! I began specific research, contacted different dentists for technical, physiological and other available research in dentistry science and eventually filled 3 tubes of periodontal toothpaste 

for her. I instructed her to use my PerioWell products at least 2 times a day and let her dentist record any improvements. After 3 months she went back to her dentist and he did not even remember that he had previously suggested oral surgery for her! 

Her gingivitis had decreased by 60 % - down to a probing depth of 2 - 3 mm per tooth. 

Today she still has all of her own teeth and has thanked me sincerely from the bottom of her heart !


Many of my patients suffer from dental disease and infections that will, if untreated, eventually cause systemic and auto immune disorders. Many researches also confirm different reactions to dental inlays, eventually creating an immune reaction and causing 

auto-immune diseases, systemic inflammation i.e. rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Doctors do not usually look close enough at this area from the  pathological point of view and the symptoms are often misdiagnosed. Controlling micro-organisms in your mouth also helps prevent infections like the common flu, colds, tonsillitis, candidiasis or even a simple dry mouth.


The mouth is a very interesting environment. It can tolerate many different bacteria and fungi (including the infamous E.Coli strain and bacteria causing cavities) as long as the pH levels in the oral cavity remain balanced. My PerioWell combination creates that optimal environment in the mouth and controls the proper pH levels. Every patient using these products is very 

satisfied and has had great results.  


Protect your overall health by protecting your overall oral hygiene - 

use PerioWell Toothpaste and Mouthwash !"


Dr. Arash Mohrdar

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